I’ve travelled by plane since long time ago, between work and holidays a lot of stuff has happened to me while flying. The main idea of this post is not to tell scary things like the plane crashes or something like that but some annoying situations that for sure will make you feel uncomfortable.

1. Have someone stinky sitting besides you

What to do. That is the question! Let’s imagine we have an overseas trip and we need to be 12 hours with this stinky person. What should we do? Good alternatives are just walk a bit on the aisle, drink or just sleep.

2. Being sit in the middle of the 5 seats row

This is just nightmare. It happened to me and I kinda feel claustrophobic there, you can’t move, you can’t go to the toilet, you can’t stretch your legs, you can’t leave the plane when it lands, if you need something you must wake someone up for sure.

One of the things I do is that as I have some mileage I can chose seats. I ALWAYS chose aisle. Always.

3. Have someone chatty besides you when you want to sleep

This happened to me in a 8 hours flight. Besides me sat a mother who was proud of her children she just visited. She told me the whole story of the life of the guys even though I made clear signals that I didn’t care about her kids. By that time it was hard for me to sleep so I heard the full life of two very – I would say the most – successful yuppies that ever existed.

4. Travel more than 10 hours with daylight

When you do home flights it is fine, you usually fly for 3 hours or less, there are exceptions of course. On that scenario you wouldn’t bother to fly with daylight. But when you need to do a 10 hs flight, they are mostly scheduled by night so you can sleep. But, sometimes are delays, cancellations or just bad luck and you have to do the full journey with daylight.

It is just horrible, you are tired and you have the sun just attacking your eyeball that it only wants to rest. There are masks that would be great to have handy for those situations but for me they are really uncomfortable for sleeping.

5. When the plane is parked and you are getting into it, hear someone hammering heavily

This scares a lot. Imagine the situation, you are entering the plane and you hear ” bam! bam! bam!” from outside. You take a seat and you can physically see the people hammering. 10 minutes later the pilot says “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready to departure!” but wait! tell me what the heck where they hammering on! Is hammering a good solution for anything? Tell me more before taking off please!

6. The person next to you is watching ‘Lost’

If you search the definition of Masochism on Wikipedia, it would say: To watch Lost while you are on a plane. What is the need? I know it is a good story but why watch something where the plot is about a plane crashing on a desert island!

Anyhow, I always bring my own entertainment.

7. See an stewardess making the sign of the cross

Having a tough day? You usually have turbulence and bad weather, and sometimes it gets really hard. VERY hard. But when you see a stewardess making the sign of the cross, you can push the panic button.

8. When someone dies on the plane while flying

This didn’t happen to me, but it happened to a couple of workmates. They were flying and one of the passengers started to feel bad, very bad. They called a doctor and he didn’t make it. Just imagine if it is the person sitting next to you.

The plane by process has to go back to the airport, take the corpse of the plane start it all over again. So, I can’t imagine more disturbing experience on a plane.

9. Get on the plane, take a sleeping pill and then the flight gets cancelled

This did happen to me. I was flying home and it was a 12 hours flight. I was next to board the plane, I took my pill, I looked at it as it was my saviour, put it in my mouth, and swallow it.

30 minutes later they announce that the flight was cancelled and we will get transport to the hotel. That was let’s say 9 PM and the rescheduled flight will departure 7 AM next day. Do all the paperwork took about two hours (between getting the transport, going to the hotel, checking in, have dinner, tell your family that you are delayed) but meanwhile, the pill started to action on my body and I had to do stuff to make sure I would fly next day and I was just standing like a zombie.

Lesson learnt, I will have the pill now, when the plane has already taken off.

10. Seat on the aisle and have a pisser next to you

He asked you gently if he can go through. You said yes, but you don’t seat again because you prefer the person gets back so you don’t need to get up again in the very short legroom you have from your seat to the one is in front of you.

Second time it happens, you just answer: No worries, without even looking the person. At the third time, you may end up changing the seat.

11. Have unattended kids crying all flight long

Kids cry. That is a fact. I travelled with my daughter and I made all what it was on my hand to avoid the situation of she crying on the plane. But, there are some destinations, like Miami, that you know that this will happen. And you see the children running on the aisle looking for freedom and crying because they are just tired and can not sleep.

There aren’t many solutions here but accept it. It is going to be a tough flight.

12. The entertainment device of your seat doesn’t work

It works on all the seats that you can see, but it doesn’t on yours. It is a message. It is a given. Someone hates you and have marvelous power to annoy you.

The good alternative here is to bring your own device. Nowadays, Laptops or Tablets supply very good entertainment and you should worry about the freaky screens that is on the seat in front of you.

When travelling by plane is not just something that happens once every three years but is something you do monthly, a lot of awkward moments appear. And I am quite sure that there are thousands of extra stories that are kept on the souls of the crew of the airline.

Flying a plane is not the same that it was 15 years ago. Today you need to pay mostly for breathing and the room you have to spend the time is narrower and narrower every time I get into a plane. So, every flight is challenging one way or another. The good thing is, that planes also take us to the places we love to spend time in!

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